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Maria Jose Beza (Majo) is a mindfulness expert, collaborator, creative, entrepreneur, educator and just a freaking fantastic human being.

Snap collaborates with Fugalternativa by creating long term projects that aid in stimulating young artist to create activitess that will have a more significant impact in their peers and community, and that help them actively learn about management and production of cultural events.

Majo is currently representing a worldwide brand CREATIVEMORNINGS; she has been running the San Salvador chapter for almost 2 years now. CreativeMornigns is a series of morning conferences for the creative community. It is reproduced in over 70 cities worldwide. Majo states that her biggest accomplishment with this project is the very consistent community of young creatives that has formed through this 2 years. She states that guests are increasingly interacting in a more participative matter than before, and that the community has a wider range of interdisciplinary fields coming together as one.